Advance, Ability, Amenity, and Adjustable Design That is what you will feel form our A-Bed
Comfort system World No1 Advanced Ergonomic Adjustable System.

Experience Total Relaxation
Our Exclusive Advanced Adjustable Sleep Comfort System
With an infinite number of ergonomic rest positions available on our adjustable products you will enjoy a relaxing sleep, without pressure or pinching.
Head raises up to 70 degrees allow users to read or watch TV without a pillow.


F1005 Adjustable Mettress
When Mattress Combine with Adjustable Frame = Ergonomic Adjustable Mattress
Modern Furniture Technology makes Adjustable Comfort System built into the Mattress.
You can now buy one equal two with 200% of comfort and 100% of saving.

Our Day Bed Recliner with our ergonomic system
Come with the modern fashion outlook.
Modern Fashion Furniture builds in Tomorrow's Technology.

The beauty of Black and White
The other Day Bed Recline from our work.
Build with our ergonomic system.